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Aug. 22 - 7:00 - 8:00 PM!!  FALL CAMPOREE MEETING @ Heritage Center!!!  

From Scoutmaster Potter:  Although we do not have a official scout meeting tonight due to just
coming back from summer camp. I would like to  try and get anyone who is interested in helping with the Fall camporee on September 23 - 25 (Bertram Park Monticello) together tonight to make some decisions and help to plan the event. We are the host troop and in charge of ALL aspects of the event and we are looking for troop wide attendance at the campout if at all possible. Listed below  are some of the areas we need both adult and scout help with plus any ideas you bring to the meeting as possible activities for this fun campout. Lets try to get a final list of the
activities and what is needed to make them go, along with a adult name by each to ensure we have the coverage needed.

Check in - need 1 adult (Cynthia J) and 2 scouts , give arriving troops a map so they know where to go as well as a agenda of events. Direct them as to how to unload vehicles and where to park after as space will be tight.

Check out - need 1 adult and 2 scouts to conduct area walk of the departing sites camp area and make sure it is clean and back to a natural park state - (Sunday Morning between 8 am and noon)

Camp Fire program - Need All scouts to plan the events and provide intro skits and regular skits. Eagles /Trees patrol?? ( Dave to bring wood) smoores after campfire - songs by the fire?? need to find someone who can play campfire songs. Asked Nick harper he may be able to help.

Night Ops Activities,

Saturday Bean Bag tournament - 10:00 pm - 12:30 am. Adult tournament as well?? Glow sticks in the holes. starting following  campfire on Saturday night. Need to run score board tournament brackets, as many point as a team can score in 10 min, determine prizes and time each round.

Stealth Games 10- 12:30

Recon  / Scouts try to sneak past patrols to the extraction point in the woods at..

Pig roast lunch? any numbers as to what it would cost??

Night Treasure Hunt. - Trek & navigate your way thru the woods at night to a way to a hidden surprise (Starts after campfire first night - Announce there) Adult accompaniment is needed. Get the coordinates at check in SPL meeting. 4 in total starting from different parts of the
camp. Get all 4 earn special prize.

Vespers non denominational  service -----  Saturday AM??  Point adult is Lyle, he will plan and recruit scouts to assist as needed. Please develop any verbiage you want put in the program.

Scoutmaster / SPL meeting - SM and SPL / ASPL to meet with other troop leaders and SPL to review agenda and camp rules. Friday at 9:00

HQ - Need coffee / coco on hand ???


Aug. 29  7:00 - 8:15 PM  @ Heritage Center   !!!FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!


Many Point Scout Camp = Success!!

Three dozen Scouts and roughly one dozen adults (off and on) enjoyed a beautiful week at Many Point Scout Camp!  Other than a couple of thunderstorms and rainshowers - no evacuations needed - the weather was beautiful!  There were 81 merit badges earned and another 19 started!  Merit Badge options chosen included:  Archaelogy, Basketry, Camping, Canoeing, Climbing, Cooking, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, First Aid, Fishing, Forestry, Journalism, Kayaking, Leatherwork, Moviemaking, Photography, Radio, Rowing, Swimming, and Water Sports.  

The Pyrotechnic Pandas worked hard participating in First Class Advancement!! 

Firem'n Chit and Totin' Chip cards were also earned!

Some of the older scouts worked hard toward Kayaking BSA and earning their MN Watercraft Operator's Permit from the DNR.  Other's participated in Huck Finn and the Treehouse!    

All Scouts were able to participate in the Lumberjack Rendezvous!

Enjoy the time spent with your Scout reviewing the last week! 



We are hosting the Fall Camporee and a lot of fun needs to be had and work needs to be done!  We would like to see 100% troop involvement and just about as much parent involvement! 

Sept. 23 - 25:  Fall Camporee: Bertram Chain Of Lakes - Night Ops Theme, Campfire, Night Games.   Possible merit badges to be worked on:  Field Games, Fingerprinting, and Robotics.  Make sure prerequisites are good to go!


2016 Memorial Day Parade




Congratulations to Eagle Scout - Martin Eichers!

Martin Eichers Eagle Court of Honor - January 3, 2016

Derek Spencer - Eagle court of honor 11/22/15


   Boy Scouts of America / Northern Star Council / Crow River District